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Hammer and Chisel Story.

Been quite a while since my last blog. No excuses for the same but definitely not enough thoughtful progression in that direction.

As has been the case with my previous posts, this one also comes straight from the heart. Being confronted by different and at times difficult situations brings one closest to the true character, I guess. This post says a bit about this thought.

The recent weeks have presented unique situations which made me realize that we all are no different from sculptors. All of us are equipped with the exact same tools – a hammer and a chisel. How successful we are at sculpting our lives depends a lot on how we use these basic tools gifted to us. For me, each and every one of us is gifted with perseverance (the hammer) and skills, talent, academics, aptitude (the chisel). Our success depends largely on how we use the power of these tools – each in balance with the other. Alone talent or skills will not produce results without the perseverance to use them. On the flip side, alone perseverance will not help without directing the skills and talent in the right direction. The art of succeeding is always sculpted by using the hammer to chisel away at the obstacles to create a beautiful life for oneself – day in – day out, week in – week out , tirelessly.

So I understand where the famous words come from – “when the chips are down, rise up and keep hammering away!!”

So long till the next one….