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Acumen Aviation CTO Amit Tyagi discusses new Airbus A350-1000 and Boeing 787-10 aircraft

Acumen Aviation CTO Amit Tyagi discusses new Airbus A350-1000 and Boeing 787-10 aircraft

In the latest of our Thought Leadership series as both the Airbus A350-1000 and Boeing 787-10 enter their perspective certification process our Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Amit Tyagi discusses their market prospects.

It is clear from the table that specification wise A350-1000 is more capable airplane than 787-10. Also it is clear that at 09 abreast A350 is able is offer 0.5 inch wider seat than Boeing 781-10.

The A350 is the first Airbus widebody to adapt a new fuselage cross-section.. This allows a standard economy class configuration of nine-abreast seating, and seat width of 17.7 inches. This cross-section is wider than the 787’s, but narrower than the 777’s.  A350 has better future ahead and orders shows good demand

The 787’s extensive use of carbon has far-reaching consequences. It saves weight and contributes to lower fuel burn; it permits a lower cabin altitude and higher cabin humidity, improving passenger comfort; and it is resistant to corrosion, contributing to reduced maintenance cost. It had its first flight recently is claiming be 25% more fuel efficient to its replacement aircraft and 10% better  to its competitor aircraft and has 330 passenger capacity along with Typical twin class configuration/ Its Range is 6430 nm which is lower than A350-1000 which is at 8000 nm. A350-1000 has capacity 350 Passenger in typical triple class configuration. MTOW is 560000 LBS (254000 Kgs)

Due to low fuel prices scenario airlines are able to offer cheaper ticket due to less Seat mile cost. In addition to that most of the airlines have been in profit during past couple of years which has increased airlines affordability to expend their operation. Availability of low fuel prices, cheaper equity ,Debt availability ,consistent Passenger growth, improved airport infrastructure YOY is fuelling the growth of commercial airplane in regional , domestic as well as international traffic.

Based on these facts both variants seems to have good prospects ahead. 787-10 has 149 orders all yet to be delivered and A350-1000 has 211 orders and all are yet to be delivered which shows that both program has attracted market nicely though the deliveries are yet to start. A380 market is appearing down and it is to be seen how soon, few A380’s which are scheduled to come off lease will find their new home. Both 777 & A330 are still having good demand and still have good amount of backlogs.

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