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Acumen Aviation Offsite 2017

Acumen Aviation Offsite 2017

Acumen Aviation recently held its annual off-site event. This was a great experience bringing the whole global team from China, India, Ireland and United States together in our Bangalore office, perfectly located to act as the central hub for staff to meet, collaborate and get to know one another.

Healthy relationships and strong lines of communication are of key importance to Acumen as it continues to grow and it was great to see so many new faces since last year. Those that were unable to attend due to project commitments in the field were missed and we hope to catch up with them soon. However, the increasing level of asset management activity further evidences Acumen’s health and bolsters our commitment to find new and interesting ways to invest in strengthening the team.

When the work was done it was off to Windflower Prakruthi Resort & Spa where the whole team had loads of fun. There were a number of collaborative exercises, games, and sessions related to technical and strategy matters and, of course, there was the much coveted employee of the year award which was won by Praveen Prakash.

Kudos to team Acumen for such a memorable event. Some selected memories……

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Acumen Offsite 2
Acumen Offsite 2
Acumen Offsite 2
Acumen Offsite 2

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