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Acumen’s Ameya Gore Qualifies as a Certified ISTAT Appraiser

Acumen’s Ameya Gore Qualifies as a Certified ISTAT Appraiser

Acumen Aviation, a leading Aircraft Asset Management Services Company, is very pleased to announce that Mr.Ameya Gore, Acumen’s Associate Vice President Asset Management, is now a Certified ISTAT Appraiser.

Acumen is now in a unique position of having a qualified senior Appraiser from ASA and a certified ISTAT Appraiser in the team, allowing our customers the flexibility to choose between various requirements as suits their valuation goals.

The Appraisal Certification will enable aviation financiers and lessors to draw upon Acumen’s expertise to understand the market for assets, to ascertain the life-value of assets and the issues surrounding an asset from a risk and ownership perspective.

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Acumen is a full-service aircraft asset manager with a global platform. Established in 2009 its headquarters is based in Ireland with offices in India, China and the USA. Acumen’s management team has over 300 years of cumulative experience with a permanent staff of over 60 people. Acumen offers a full range of services throughout the lifecycle of the aircraft including aircraft sourcing, pre-purchase inspections (physical and records), project management, lease management and re-marketing, fleet audits, aircraft trading and powerplant management. Its customers include Aircraft Lessors, Airlines, Banks, Private Equity and Investors. In 2015, Acumen had over 400 aircraft under varying forms of management.


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