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Airworthiness Review Staff



Company: Acumen Aviation Europe Ltd.

Date of Joining: Immediate

Location: Dublin

Employment Type: Full-time

Reporting to: Accountable Manager



  • Must meet the requirements of EASA Part M Point M.A.707 or Part CAMO.A.310 or equivalent.
  • Perform duties to the standards required by EASA Parts M and CAMO, 2-REG GAR Part 39 and BCAA OTAR Part 39.
  • Perform airworthiness reviews IAW EASA Part M Points M.A.901, M.A.903 or M.A.904 or 2-REG Part 39 or BCAA OTAR Part 39 as required.
  • Make recommendations for the initial issuance of a Certificate of Airworthiness and / or Airworthiness Review Certificate to the appropriate National Aviation Authority.
  • Issue an extension of a current Airworthiness Review Certificate after completion of required Airworthiness Review requirements as required.
  • Liaise with the customer or their representative to resolve all findings and that these are closed prior to either making a recommendation for the issuance of a Certificate of Airworthiness and Airworthiness Review Certificate or issuing an extension to a current Airworthiness Review Certificate.
  • When not involved in Airworthiness Review duties, suitable CAMO duties will be assigned to ensure the recent experience and validity requirements are maintained.
  • Must be an European national, able to work in Ireland. Some foreign travel is expected for this role.

Note: Interested candidates should reach out to with an updated CV.

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