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CAMO Engineer



Company: Acumen Aviation Europe Ltd.

Date of Joining: Immediate

Location: Dublin

Employment Type: Full-time

Reporting to: Accountable Manager



  • Perform duties to the standards required by EASA Parts M and CAMO, 2-REG GAR Part 39 and BCAA OTAR Part 39.
  • Perform assessments of National Aviation Authorities issued Airworthiness or Safety related documents.
  • Perform assessments of OEM documents.
  • Induction and transition of aircraft into and out of the Acumen Aviation CAMO aircraft management system.
  • Generate aircraft, engine and component status reports and delivery suite of documentation for aircraft under Acumen Aviation CAMO management.
  • Generate Work Orders or instructions to ensure that all aircraft under Acumen Aviation CAMO management remain in an airworthy condition and meet customer requirements.
  • Management and control of all aircraft under Acumen Aviation CAMO management continuing airworthiness Records.
  • Liaising with customers and their representatives to ensure all allocated projects are progressed in a professional and timely manner.
  • Participate in safety management meetings and projects as directed by management.
  • Must be an European national, able to work in Ireland.

Note: Interested candidates should reach out to with an updated CV.

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