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China Aviation Industry Newsletter 1 June

China Aviation Industry Newsletter 1 June

Airport Authority Hong Kong extends relief packages for partners

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) has extended its relief package for business partners by two months to the end of July 2022. The airport company said it decided to maintain its support “in view of the prolonged impact to the aviation industry brought by the COVID-19 pandemic”. The relief measures will be adjusted to respond to the changing circumstances accordingly stated AAHK.

China Airlines rolls out new W-IFE on Boeing 737-800 fleet

China Airlines is introducing the new Fantasy Sky Wireless Entertainment System for its Boeing 737-800 fleet as part of its strategy to move towards a digital cabin ecosystem and services. The system is being provided by Immfly, which has worked with China Airlines  to make the W-IFE platform a consistent experience with those on other aircraft in the airline’s fleet, with the IFE content on its B737-800 regional routes mirroring that on its long-haul intercontinental flights.

China’s new configuration AG600 large amphibious aircraft makes maiden flight

China’s AG600 large amphibious aircraft conducted a successful maiden flight last week, according to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). AVIC stated the aircraft conducted multiple flight test missions, including constant speed climbing, reducing speed in level flight and a simulated go-around. The AG600 is a key piece of aeronautical equipment in China’s emergency-rescue system. It is developed by the AVIC to meet the needs of firefighting and marine rescue missions, as well as other critical emergency-rescue operations.

TCab Tech partners with Safran on the electric motors for the E20 eVTOL

Safran Electrical & Power and TCab Tech, a leading eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft company in China, have just announced a cooperation agreement to equip the E20 full-electric eVTOL aircraft with ENGINeUS™ electric smart motors. The ENGINeUSTM product line includes a broad range of electric motors with power outputs from single digit to 500 kW. The ENGINeUSTM 100, that will equip the E20, delivers more than 100 kW at take-off and features a fully integrated motor controller within the machine. The thermal management is provided by an optimized air-cooling system. The certification of the electric motor is planned for mid-2023.

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