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China Aviation Industry Newsletter 10 June

China Aviation Industry Newsletter 10 June

CAAC and CAS Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On 14th May, the Strategic Cooperation Symposium & Signing Ceremony between Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences was held in Beijing. According to the Strategic Cooperation Agreement, CAAC and CAS will prioritize key areas of cooperation and carry out strategic cooperation in fields such as scientific and technological projects and achievements, construction of science and technology innovation platforms, personnel training, and scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges, to further enhance the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of China civil aviation and enable the commercialization and application of innovations in the civil aviation field.

CAAC Issues the First “All-in-One” Maintenance Permit to Ameco

On 20th May, CAAC issued the first “all-in-one” maintenance permit to Ameco (Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Corporation). The “all-in-one” maintenance permit issued to Ameco is “a single certificate signed by multiple departments”. “A single certificate” eliminates the duplication of approvals issued to the same enterprise by CAAC in accordance with the same regulations, and removes the barriers to unified management and resource sharing. “Multiple departments signing on the same certificate”, which reflects division of labor in cross-regional management work, not only accommodates the requirement for improved efficiency and reduced administrative costs in localized management, but also falls in line with the existing system of localization of safety management responsibility.

Chinese Airlines and Airports Aiming for Paperless Boarding Process

Long queues at airports for baggage drops and security checks could soon be a thing for the past for Chinese travellers. That lengthy process is gradually changing, and has already improved in many places in the past year, and future smarter airports are expected to shorten the wait before passengers can take off for their business trips or vacations. “We aim to achieve a totally paperless boarding process. Now, passengers can board by showing their e-boarding passes and identity documents. “Ultimately, facial recognition could serve as the only means of identification and be applied to the entire journey after the initial validation of a passenger’s identity,” Liang Jia, deputy manager of ancillary services at the e-commerce division of China Southern Airlines, said. By 2024 or 2025, China is expected to surpass the United States to become the largest air transport market globally, a forecast by the International Air Transport Association said.

China Eastern Airlines Launches Direct Shanghai-Budapest Flight

China Eastern Airlines commenced direct flight service between Shanghai and Hungary’s capital city Budapest, which is being scheduled for three times a week. The Boeing B787-9 Dreamliner of Shanghai Airlines,a subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines, was welcomed at Liszt Ferenc International Airport by the fire brigade with the traditional water canon salute, provided as a greeting to all new flights and all new aircraft types at Budapest Airport. “We think it is a major step forward and a tremendous success that it was possible to launch the direct Shanghai-Budapest flight. We were persistently working on it together with our Chinese partners and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade,” said Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport.

China Southern Airlines Adds More Flights to Japan

China Southern Airlines announced that it has added additional flights to Japan as summer tourist season approaches. China Southern Airlines plans to operate 328 inbound and outbound flights in Shenyang during the Dragon Boat Festival from 7th June to 9th June.

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