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China Aviation Industry Newsletter 14 February

China Aviation Industry Newsletter 14 February

Air China takes ‘Xuexi Qiangguo’ learning platform to the skies

Air China achieved maiden flight for the “Xuexi Qiangguo” learning platform with the Boeing 737-800 aircraft operating from Beijing to Wuhan airport on 24 January. Air China said it will further cooperate with the “Xuexi Qiangguo” app platform to bring more content to the skies, broadening the in-flight learning channels enhancing the passenger experience.

Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) introduces Smart Technology

Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) has rolled out smart technology to enhance the passenger experience. The smart technology incorporates facial and speech recognition technologies, as well as positioning and navigation tech, with 20 units throughout the airport. BCIA Engineer Feng Ruixia stated “You can view your flight information as well as your current position and estimated time to the boarding gate by scanning your face. It will also provide you a roadmap with real-time guidance.”

China’s airlines and airports prioritize tech to improve efficiency and passenger experience

According to SITA’s 2021 Air Transport IT Insights, Chinese airlines and airports are continuing their push towards digitalization to support operational efficiencies, streamline the passenger journey, and cater to health & safety concerns. A large majority of Chinese airlines (91%) and most airports (68%) expect to spend the same or more on IT in 2022 compared to 2021.

Lotte Duty Free expands reach in Asia through new MOU with Alipay+

Lotte Duty Free has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Alipay+. Lotte Duty Free plans to enhance the convenience of duty free shopping for customers in China and Southeast Asia where credit card penetration is low through the Alipay+ digital payment solution. In an press release Lotte Duty Free stated “Through the business agreement, Lotte Duty Free is planning to advance into the Chinese market…to enhance customer convenience in Asia as well as launching the Lotte Duty Free mini program within the Alipay app.”

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