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China Aviation Industry Newsletter 18 January

China Aviation Industry Newsletter 18 January

Airbus delivers 99 commercial aircraft to China in 2020

Airbus delivered a total of 99 commercial aircraft to China in 2020, representing 17.5 percent of its annual global deliveries, according to Airbus China. Airbus China CEO Geogre Xu stated “China’s civil aviation market has shown its resilience during the pandemic. It has brought confidence to global aviation industry players like Airbus. China plays strategic roles in the global civil aviation market, and Airbus remains consistent in its commitment to China”

Air China begins flights from Beijing Capital’s Terminal 2

Air China has begun operating domestic flights in both Terminals 2 and 3 at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Air travel recovery high on China’s policy agenda

China’s civil aviation authority will adjust policies to boost the orderly resumption of international flights and improve international air cargo capacity this year, according to a conference report released by the Civil Aviation Administration of China last week. The nation will step up measures to ensure efficient flight schedules for domestic and international airlines, upgrade China-US and China-Europe civil aviation cooperation and gradually loosen air travel policies in the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao.

China’s ARJ21 jetliner to expand commercial operation in overseas market

China’s ARJ21 regional jetliner is expected to expand commercial operation in the overseas market, according to its developer Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC). COMAC and the CALC will jointly support the ARJ21 fleet to serve in the Southeast Asian market.

China civil aviation fleet reaches 6747 aircraft in 2020

China’s civil aviation fleet has reached 6747, and the proportion of Chinese-built civil aircraft in use for regional aviation has reached 33%. The percentage will keep growing as Comac ARJ slowly replace the retiring western build aircraft such as ERJ170s and CRJ900’s. In 2020 a total of 1253 transport aircraft and 940 general-purpose aircraft where added to the registry.

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