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China Aviation Industry Newsletter 20 July

China Aviation Industry Newsletter 20 July

China allows three airlines more international flights 

China’s civil aviation regulator (CAAC) announced that Japan Airlines, Lao Airlines, and Hainan Airlines are allowed to increase their number of international flights because of their effective COVID-19 control measures. The number of these round trip flights can be increased from one to two per week until 24th October, according to the CAAC.

Croatia Airlines makes first-ever flight to China 

Croatia Airlines operated its historic first-ever flight to China from Zagreb Airport to Tianjin with a technical stop in Nursultan Nazarbayev using an Airbus A320 aircraft last Friday. The passengers on the charter flight were young Chinese athletes from Beijing University who were in Croatia and were being returned home. Croatia Airlines’ Chief Pilot Davori Mišić said “This was quite a challenging operation, considering it was our longest flight on record and keeping in mind the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The two sets of crew had to undergo two Covid-19 tests and wear protective equipment such as masks and gloves throughout the flight.”

First China-made ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines officially put into commercial operation

The first China-made ARJ21 aircraft of China Southern Airlines was officially put into commercial operation on 15th July as CZ3898 with a full passenger load took off from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and flew to Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport. According to the fleet development plan, it was estimated that the size of ARJ21 aircraft fleet of China Southern Airlines would reach 35 by 2024. China Southern will gradually introduce ARJ21 service from Daxing International in an effort to cement its Guangzhou-Beijing dual-hub strategy as China pushes expansion under its ambitious Belt and Road initiative, according to the airline.

Spring Airlines to Launch Shenyang-Changbaishan Route 

Spring Airlines will launch a new direct service between Shenyang and Changbaishan (close to the tourist destination of Changbai Mountain) operating three times weekly.

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