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Embraer Flies the E195-E2 ahead of schedule

Embraer Flies the E195-E2 ahead of schedule

Embraer performed the inaugural flight of another member of the E2 family, ahead of schedule. On Wednesday 29 March , the E195-E2 departed for the first time from Embraer’s facility in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, and flew for two hours, beginning the aircraft certification campaign. The flight, originally scheduled for the second half of the year, happened just three weeks after the roll out.

Embraer will use two aircraft for the E195-E2 certification campaign. The first aircraft will be used for the aerodynamic and performance tests. The second aircraft, which will also make its inaugural flight by the end of this year, will be used for the validation of maintenance tasks and of the interior.

The E1950-E2 can be configured with 120 seats in two classes of service, or up to 146 in a single class. The aircraft also has a significant increase in range of 450 nautical miles, which allows trips of up to 2,450 nautical miles. The aircraft will save up to 24% in fuel and 20% in maintenance costs per seat, when compared to the current E195.

The E2 has accrued 275 firm orders, being 90 for the E195-E2, in addition to 415 options, purchase rights, and letters-of-intent, totaling 690 commitments from airline customers and leasing companies.

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