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Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 15 August

Irish Aircraft Leasing Newsletter 15 August

Airbus A321neo delivered to Wizzair by Dynam Aviation (Ireland)

As the first of a sale and leaseback transaction for four aircraft, Dynam Aviation (Ireland) announced the delivery of one new Airbus A321neo aircraft on long-term lease to Wizzair. Katsuhiko Ando, CEO of Dynam Aviation, stated, “Dynam Aviation is pleased to announce this delivery, which marks our first new delivery to Wizz. With the newest technology aircraft, we are happy to be expanding our fleet and anticipate receiving additional deliveries soon.

New Airbus A321neos are leased by VivaAerobus from SMBC Aviation Capital

A brand-new Airbus A321neo with the msn 10779 and two PW1133G-JM engines has been leased by VivAerobus from Dublin-based SMBC Aviation Capital.

Two Boeing 787-9 aircraft are remarketed by Aergo Capital

Aergo Capital has remarketed two Boeing 787-9 aircraft that will be provided to Air Premia on an operating lease in September 2022 and the first quarter of 2023. The manufacturer’s serial numbers for the aircraft, according to Aero, are 63314 and 63315. “We are thrilled to have placed two B787-9 aircraft on lease to Air Premia and to represent UK Export Finance,” said Aergo Capital CEO Fred Browne. I want to applaud our asset management staff for their excellent effort in reselling these aircraft”.

Two Airbus A330-300 lease renewals are announced by Amedeo

Two Airbus A330-300s with Rolls-Royce engines that Amedeo is leasing to Turkish Airlines have had their long-term leases extended. “We are thrilled to maintain our long-term cooperation with Turkish Airlines,” Amedeo Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Gabriella Lapidus remarked. This deal reinforces our team’s capacity to offer investors and institutional partners best-in-class asset management and debt arranging services.

TrueNoord Publishes Regional Jet Market Report for 2022

The Regional Jet Report for 2022 was recently publishedby TrueNoord. “The report examines regional jet aircraft characteristics, applications, market penetration, and operating economics as well as addressing the current dynamics in values of these aircraft, which continue to see some variety in values from the appraisal community,” said Angus von Schoenberg, the industry officer for TrueNoord. Additionally evaluated are the market effects of the COVID-19-induced pandemic and the impact of decreased passenger demand. The study also has a section on emissions comparisons for the relevant aircraft. Read the regional jet report here.

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