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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 1 March

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 1 March

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

Chris Witt/Skyliner :
Dublin Movements Blog:
Irish Spotters & NLSPOT Yahoo Lists :

EI-FGI Boeing 717-200 c/n 55167 Volotea Ferried Venice-Stavanger-Keflavik-Goose Bay-Winnipeg-Victorville 22-23/02/21 on return to lessor.

N54AU Boeing 737-3Q8(F) c/n 28054 Automatic Leasing Ferried San José-Miami-Miami-Opa Locka 14/02/21 ex EI-FGX.

N132NK Embraer 190 c/n 19000132 Nordic Aviation Capital Ferried Tucson-San Jose 22/02/21 prior delivery to Breeze Airways.

N557CC Boeing 777-36N c/n 32789 GECAS Ferried San Bernardino-Tel Aviv 22/02/21 for cargo conversion ex OE-IHW.

OE-ITP Boeing 787-9 c/n 38895 Avolon Aerospace Ferried Oslo-San Bernardino 11/02/21 ex SE-RXZ.

TC-CPR Boeing 737-8GJ c/n 34905 Pegasus Airlines Ferried Istanbul-Shannon 22/01/21 on return to lessor ex EI-FGC.

VH-VNK Airbus A320-232 c/n 3986 Avolon Aerospace Ferried Melbourne-Alice Springs 21/01/21 ex 9V-TAK.

VH-VOY Boeing 737-8FE c/n 33990 Bobcomm Ltd Ferried Darwin-Clark International-Jinan 27/01/21 for cargo conversion.

VQ-BKH Airbus A321-211 c/n 841 Ural Airlines Ferried Yekaterinburg-St Anthan 09/01/21 for part-out & scrap ex EI-CPD.

VQ-BZI Boeing 777-36N c/n 32785 GECAS Ferried Dubai-Bangor 01/02/20 ex A6-EBI.

VP-CAU Boeing 787-9 c/n 62725 GECAS Ferried Abu Dhabi-Bangor 28/01/21 ex B-206R.

VP-CDO Airbus A320-214 c/n 2975 GECAS Registered at San José 13/02/21 ex P4-AAH.

VP-CEU Airbus A330-202 c/n 825 Fleet Ireland Aircraft Lease Ferried Rome Fiumicino-Teruel 02/02/21 ex I-EJGA.

VP-CEV Airbus A330-202 c/n 831 Fleet Ireland Aircraft Lease Ferried Rome Fiumicino-Teruel 26/01/21 ex I-EGJB.

P4-787 Boeing 787-8 c/n 35306 AerCap Ferried Goodyear-Aruba-Carrasco-Curbelo 08-09/02/21 in basic AeroMéxico colours ex N961AM.

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