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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 12 July

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 12 July

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

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EI-ECL Boeing 737-86N c/n 32655  Rise Aviation Co Ferried Ulaanbaatar-Muscat-Naples 13-15/05/22 ex LN-NOP.

EI-FPC CRJ900 c/n 15400 CemAir Delivered Tallinn-Heraklion-Khartoum-Johannesburg 15-16/05/22.

EI-GZN Boeing 737-8 c/n 42847 SMBC Aviation Capital Delivered Boeing Field-Victorville 13/06/22.

EI-HDM Airbus A320-232 c/n 7100 Goshawk Ferried Hyderabad-Cairo-Toulouse/Francazal 09-10/06/22 ex VT-TTK.

EI-HDP Boeing 737-8K5 c/n 35138 Air Europa Delivered Shannon-Palma 14/06/22 to become EC-NVJ

EI-FNW Boeing 737-86N c/n 28642 Air Italy Ferried Kaunas-Keflavik-Bangor-Goodyear 17/03/22.

EI-NSB Airbus A320-251N c/n 10786 Aer Lingus Delivered Toulouse-Ostrava 23/05/22 for painting.

EI-SOO ATR72-212A(500)F c/n 577 Loganair Delivered Shannon-Aberdeen 27/06/22.

LN-LNR Boeing 787-9 c/n 38784  Norse Atlantic Airways Ferried Shannon-Barcelona 17/06/22 on lease to Air Europa.

SX-OBP ATR72-212A(600) c/n 1033 Olympic Air Delivered Montpellier-Athens 10/06/22 ex OY-YCS.

VP-COS Airbus A320-214 c/n 4347 Avolon Ferried Toulouse/Francazal-Birmingham-Dublin 14/06/22 ex B-6850.

VP-CPE Airbus A320-214 c/n 5172 AerGen Leasing Demo Flight at Istanbul 14/06/22 ex A9C-AP.

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