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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 2 January

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 2 January

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

Chris Witt/Skyliner :

Dublin Movements Blog:

Irish Spotters & NLSPOT Yahoo Lists :

C-GTQY Boeing 737-8Q8 c/n 30724 Air Transat Ferried Prague-Shannon-Toronto 15/12/17 after summer-lease to Travel Service ex OK-TVY.

EI-FEC Boeing 737-8KN c/n 40235 Jet Airways Delivered Shannon-Sofia 19/12/17 to become VT-JTK.

EI-RUN Boeing 737-8Q8 c/n  34702 VEBL-767-300 Ltd Ferried Teruel-Lasham 20/12/17 in Transaero Airlines colours.

G-MARA Airbus A321-231 c/n 983 Monarch Airlines Ferried Shannon-Craiova 15/12/17 for Olympus Airways as SX-ABY.

OE-IAC Boeing 737-4MO(F) c/n 29202 ASL Airlines (Ireland) Delivered Shannon-Liege 20/12/17 ex N494CS.

OE-IFC Airbus A321-231 c/n 1707 CIT Aerospace Registered at Shannon 15/12/17 in Monarch Airlines colours ex G-OZBE.

OE-IGD Airbus A330-223 c/n 288 Celestial Aviation Registered at Lourdes 19/12/17 ex D-ABXA.

HL8212 Airbus A321-231 c/n 7985 Air Seoul Delivered Shannon-Esenboğa-Almaty-Incheon 18-19/12/17 ex D-ANJB.

OE-IZH Airbus A320-214 c/n 6892 Celestial Aviation Ferried Woensdrecht-Montpellier 15/12/17 ex D-ABNR.

OY-YAI ATR72-212A(500) c/n 879 NAC Aviation Ferried Bydgoszcz-Billund 19/12/17 after paint, for Aeronova as EC-MUJ ex F-ORAA.

OY-YCL ATR72-12A(600) c/n 1458 NAC Aviation Delivered Toulouse-Billund 19/12/17 ex F-WWEG.

2-XAVT ATR72-212A(500) c/n 884 Nordic Aviation Capital Ferried Sde Dov-İzmir-Saarbrücken  14/12/17 ex 4X-AVT.

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