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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 20 June

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 20 June

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

Chris Witt/Skyliner :
Dublin Movements Blog:
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EI-GRZ Airbus A320-216 c/n 5906 Macquarie AirFinance Ferried Toulouse/Francazal-Istanbul 30/05/22 ex F-HZPG.

EI-SIK Airbus A320-251N c/n 10716 SAS Connect Delivered Hamburg-Finkenwerder-Copenhagen 27/05/22.

EI-GVZ Airbus A330-343(F) c/n 958 CDB Aviation Delivered Dresden-London Stansted-Lleida–Alguaire 26/04/22 prior to delivery to MasAir ex B-6502.

EI-GZV ATR72-212A(600) c/n 1107 Emerald Airlines Delivered Exeter-Dublin 27/04/22 ex 2-CGCA.

EI-SIO Airbus A320-251N c/n 10813 SAS Airlines Connect Delivered Toulouse-Copenhagen 11/05/22.

F-ORMU ATR72-212A(500)F c/n 855 Loganair Delivered Dinard-Aberdeen 25/05/22 to become G-LMRY.

LZ-DBS Airbus A320-214 c/n 3240 DAE Capital Ferried Goodyear-Mexico City 25/04/22.

N195PG Airbus A321-231 c/n 1952 Merx Aviation Finance Ferried Montpellier-Shannon-Bangor-Lake City 21-22/04/22 for P2F conversion.

N45ZM DHC8-402 c/n 4045 Regional One Ferried Zagreb-Belfast International 22/04/22 ex OE-LGR.

N921NC Embraer 170 c/n 17000092 Nordic Aviation Capital Ferried Tuscan-Mojave 11/04/22 ex XA-GAZ.

N683TA Airbus A320-214 c/n 4906 Seraph Aviation Ferried  Roswell-Bangor-Keflavik-Perpignan 11-13/04/22.

OE-IBH Airbus A320-232 c/n 3873 AerCap Registered at Seoul 28/04/22 ex HL7788.

OE-LDJ Airbus A330-343 c/n 1098 High Sky Leasing Registered at Istanbul 24/04/22 ex TC-LOL.

OE-IGJ Airbus A320-233 c/n 4906 Seraph Aviation Registered at Perpignan 19/04/22 ex N683TA.

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