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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 21 October

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 21 October

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

Chris Witt/Skyliner :
Dublin Movements Blog:
Irish Spotters & NLSPOT Yahoo Lists :

EI-ESN Boeing 737-8AS c/n 34991 Avolon Ferried Shannon-Keflavik-Bangor-Tuscan 06/10/20.

G-JEDM DHC8-402 c/n 4077 Norddeutsche Landesbank Ferried EXT-SCN 05/10/20.

G-KKEV DHC8-402 c/n 4201 HEH Aviation Ferried Manchester-NRN 05/10/20 for onward storage

N541CC Boeing 737-8AS c/n 29938 GECAS Registered 08/10/20 during cargo conversion at Shanghai ex EI-DAC.

N637SW Boeing 737-3H4(F) c/n 27710 Rostrum Leasing Ferried San Jose-Victorville 11/10/20 after cargo conversion.

N760BB Boeing 737-86N(F) c/n 28608 BBAM Aircraft Leasing Delivered Jian Airport-Seoul 14/10/20 in basic Meridiana colours ex EI-FNU.

OE-IFK Boeing 747- 4KZF(SCD) c/n 36784 ASL Airlines Belgium Ferried Shannon-Liege 03/10/20 after painting.

OE-ILS Boeing 777-36N c/n 32788 GECAS Ferried Dubai-Ciudad Real 06/10/20 ex A6-EBE.

OE-IPF Airbus A320-232 c/n 4247 CIT Aerospace Registered at Tuscan 13/10/20 ex B-HSP.

OE-IPJ Airbus A320-232 c/n 6007 GECAS Registered 30/09/20 Parked at Ljubljana ex ZS-SRD.

OE-IPK Airbus A350-941 c/n  226 Avolon Aerospace Registered at Teruel 12/10/20 ex ZS-SDC.

OE-IRZ Airbus A320-214 c/n 1767 Genesis Ireland Aviation Registered at Kaunas 08/10/20 ex VT-IDV.

SE-RPB Boeing 737-8JP c/n 39021 Norwegian Air Sweden Ferried Bergen-Dublin 05/10/20 on return to lessor.

VT-IED Airbus A320-232 c/n 4345 FlyOne Ferried Jakarta-Delhi-Doha-Istanbul-Shannon 09-10/10/20 to become ER-.

9H-LON Airbus A320-214 c/n 3048 Lauda Europe Registered at Vienna 07/10/20 on transfer ex OE-LON.

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