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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 24 May
  • 24 May 2021

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 24 May

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

Chris Witt/Skyliner :
Dublin Movements Blog:
Irish Spotters & NLSPOT Yahoo Lists :

B-220N Boeing 737-8AS(F) c/n 33819 China Central Longhao Airlines Delivered Jinan-Zhengzhou 18/04/21 ex N562CC.

C-FVGY ATR42-300(F) c/n  273 Air North Registered at Kelowna 07/05/21 ex EI-FXD.

EI-DPC Boeing 737-8AS(F) c/n 33604 ASL Airlines Ireland Re-Delivered Jinan-Tolmachevo-Shannon 07-08/05/21 for painting into FedEx colours.

EI-FLM Boeing 737-85F c/n 30571 Neos Ferried Shannon- Toulouse-Francazal 10/05/21 on return to lessor.

EI-FHN Boeing 737-8JP c/n 39046 Norwegian Air International Ferried Oslo-Budapest 03/05/21 prior return to service as LN-DYK.

EI-FVK Boeing 737-800 c/n 42276 Gannat Aircraft Ltd Ferried Shannon-Munich.

EI-FVX Boeing 737-800 c/n 42090 Norwegian Air International  Ferried Budapest-Copenhagen 03/05/21 prior return to service.

EI-FVY Boeing 737-800 c/n 42092 Norwegian Air International Ferried Stavanger-Oslo 04/05/21 prior return to service.

EI-GPN ATR72-212A(600) c/n 1300 Commuter Aircraft Leasing Ferried Toulouse-Francazal-Exeter-14/05/21 ex G-FBXC.

EI-GPO ATR72-212A(500) c/n 1315 Commuter Aircraft Leasing Ferried Toulouse-Francazal-Exeter 28/04/21 ex G-FBXD.

EI-GUK Boeing 737-82R c/n 40014 Flyr painted at Shannon 21/04/21 to become LN-FGA.

EI-GVA Airbus A320-232 c/n 3674 Standard Chartered Aviation Finance Ferried Abu Dhabi-Munich-Dublin 29-30/04/21 ex VH-HNG.

EI-GVP Boeing 737-82R c/n 40881 Flyr Registered at Shannon 17/05/21 prior delivery as LN-FGB.

EI-GWF Airbus A330-323 c/n 1265 I-Fly Registered at Châteauroux 13/05/21 prior delivery ex F-HPTP.

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