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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 28 February

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 28 February

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

Chris Witt/Skyliner :
Dublin Movements Blog:
Irish Spotters & NLSPOT Yahoo Lists :

EI-DCH Boeing 737-8AS c/n 33566 Ryanair Ferried Glasgow Prestwick-Lasham 21/02/22 prior P2F conversion.

EI-FXI ATR72-202(F) c/n 294 ASL Airlines Ireland Ferried Shannon-Keflavik-Iqaluit-Bangor-Stallings Field 16-18/02/22.

EI-GCZ Airbus A330-223 c/n 739 I-Fly Ferried Moscow Vnukovo-Tallinn 16/02/22 after storage.

EI-GVO Boeing 737-8K5 c/n 34685 BBAM Aircraft Leasing Ferried Lleida–Alguaire-Novosibirsk-Jinan 16/02/22 prior P2F conversion.

EI-GYU Boeing 737-8K5 c/n 35131 Merx Aviation Ireland Ferried Shannon-YHZ 21/02/22 ex G-FDZB.

EI-HCO Boeing 787-9 c/n 38790 Norse Atlantic Airways Delivered Shannon-Oslo 15/02/22 ex LN-FNC.

EI-HES Boeing 737-8200 c/n 62306 Ryanair Delivered Boeing Field-Dublin 17/02/22.

EI-HEV Boeing 737-8200 c/n 62309 Ryanair Delivered Boeing Field-Dublin 17/02/22.

EI-SIJ Airbus A320-251N c/n 10752 SAS Airlines Ireland Delivered Toulouse-Copenhagen 08/02/22.

G-VWND Airbus A330-223 c/n 476 Virgin Atlantic Ferried London Heathrow-Manchester-Ireland West Airport Knock 04/02/22 on return to lessor.

LZ-DAV Airbus A330-343 c/n 1533 DAE Capital Ferried Clark International-Tallinn-Glasgow Prestwick 19-20/02/22.

N274GE Boeing 737-86N c/n 36541 GECAS Registered at Shanghai 18/02/22 ex B-5418.

N452AC Boeing 737-86N c/n 36808 Aircastle Registered at Kula Lumpur 11/02/22 ex PK-GFL.

N4523C Boeing 737-86N c/n 37887 Aircastle Registered at Kula Lumpur 11/02/22 ex PK-GFK.

N575AE Boeing 737-84P c/n 35757 AerCap Ferried Lake Charles-Roswell 18/02/22 ex 2-AERI.

N342BB Boeing 737-8Z9(F) c/n 304200 BBAM Aircraft Leasing Ferried Jinan-Seoul-Jinan 16-17/02/22.

N640CL Airbus A330-223 c/n 364 Carlyle Aviation Partners Registered at Mojave 14/02/22 ex LV-FNL.

OE-IFE Boeing 737-3S1(F) c/n 24834 Airwork Ireland Ferried Bucharest-Cairo-Al Bateen Executive-Colombo-Jakarta-Darwin 17-19/02/22 ex ZK-TLE.

OE-IFQ Airbus A320-232 c/n 6341 Bocomm Leasing Ferried Ciudad Real-Dusseldorf 17/02/22 ex HL7776.

OE-LCM Boeing 737-8 c/n 42828 AAA Max 2 Malta Registered at Mojave 07/02/22 ex EI-FYD.

OY-JZB ATR72-212A(600) c/n 1121 Nordic Aviation Capital Ferried Mönchengladbach-Billund 15/02/22 ex ES-ATG.

VP-CBM Airbus A320-214 c/n 3631 GECAS Ferried San Jose-Bangor-Keflavik-Newquay 16-17/02/22 ex XA-BIG.

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