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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 31 August

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 31 August

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

Chris Witt/Skyliner :
Dublin Movements Blog:
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CP-2554 Boeing 737-3Q8 c/n 26303 Bolivian de Avianca Ferried Cochabamba-Viru Viru-Tocumen International-Tucson-Goodyear 11-12/08/20 on return to lessor ex EI-ELS.

G-LCAC Embraer 190LR c/n 19000513 BA Cityflyer Delivered Warsaw-Norwich 21/08/20 ex EI-GSW.

N281AC Boeing 737-804 c/n 28231 Aero Capital Solutions Registered 19/08/20 at Nursultan prior cargo conversion ex EI-GRE.

N288AU Boeing 737-490 c/n 28888 Automatic Leasing Ferried Edmonton-Tampa 17/08/20 ex C-FLRS.

N388AA Boeing 767-323(ER) c/n 27448 Cargo Aircraft Management Ferried Wilmington Air Park-Shannon-Tel Aviv 14-15/08/20 for freighter conversion.

N474DM Boeing 737-8JP c/n 39033 China Aircraft Leasing Co Ferried Jinan-Guam 19/08/20 ex LN-NGX.

N562CC Boeing 737-8AS c/n GECAS Registered 21/08/20 at Belgrade prior to China for freighter conversion ex TC-SAJ.

N864CS Boeing 737-86N c/n 28655 Aero Capital Solutions Ferried Mojave-Anchorage-Kansai-Tianjin 20-22/08/20 prior freighter conversion ex HL8036.

OE-ILP Airbus A320-232 c/n 2863 Celestial Aviation Registered 13/08/20 Parked at Sofia ex LZ-BHH.

OE-LMN Airbus A320-214 c/n 3425 Laudamotion Registered 19/08/20 prior delivery at Montpellier ex VP-CXX.

VQ-BBX Boeing 737-8JP c/n 39444 NordStar Delivered Shannon-Moscow Domodedovo 14/08/20 ex LN-NIA.

VQ-BDZ Boeing 737-846 c/n 35342 SMBC Aviation Capital Ferried Tokyo-Anchorage-San Bernardino 13/08/20 in all white colours ex JA313J.

VQ-BIA Boeing 747-4KZF(SCD) c/n 36785 ASL Airlines (Belgium) Delivered Teruel-Frankfurt Hahn 21/08/20 in ABC colours to become OO- .

VQ-BVW Boeing 737-8AS c/n 34990 NordStar Delivered Shannon-Moscow Domodedovo 14/08/20 ex EI-ESP.

9H-VDO Airbus A320-214 c/n 3136 Galistair Delivered Perpignan-Shannon-Madrid 14-15/08/20 ex T7-MPE.

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