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Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 6 March

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update 6 March

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

Chris Witt/Skyliner :

Dublin Movements Blog:

Irish Spotters & NLSPOT Yahoo Lists :

EI-EFT Boeing 737-8AS c/n 37543 Jeju Air Ferried Bournemouth-Dublin 27/02/17 after paint prior delivery.

EI-FTY Boeing 737-800 c/n 44772 Ryanair Delivered Boeing Field-Dublin 23/02/17.

EI-FTZ Boeing 737-800 c/n 44773 Ryanair Delivered Boeing Field-Dublin 24/02/17.

EI-FVL Boeing 737-800 c/n 42084 Norwegian Air International Delivered Boeing Field-Oslo 27/02/17.

EI-FZA Boeing 737-800 c/n 44774 Ryanair Delivered Boeing Field-Dublin 27/02/17.

EI-FXR Airbus A340-313 AS Air Lease c/n 163 registered at Teruel 06/01/17 ex A6-ERO.

EI-GAC Airbus A340-313 Castlelake c/n 185 registered at Teruel 18/01/17 ex A6-ERP.

EI-GAD Airbus A340-313 Castlelake c/n 236 registered at Teruel 06/01/17 ex A6-ERM.

LN-LNI Boeing 787-9 c/n 37307 Norwegian Re-registered 21/02/17 ex EI-LNI.

PH-DND  Embraer 145MP c/n 145406 Falko Regional Ferried St. Gallen–Altenrhein-Maastricht 27/02/17 ex EI-FFL.

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