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Donal Lowry

Head of Asset Management

Donal joined Acumen in 2018.  Apart from his activities in heading Asset Management, he also manages the US office and sales activities across the Americas.

Donal has over 40 years’ aviation experience.  Prior to joining Acumen, Donal held Chief Technical Officer (CTO) / Senior Advisor roles with blue chip leasing companies, including Orix Aviation Systems, DAE Capital and Elix Aviation Capital, where he was instrumental in shaping optimized asset management procedures. He has been the lead, negotiating technical aspects of sale lease back agreements, aircraft purchase agreements, power by the hour with OEMs and lease return conditions.   Throughout his career to date Donal was responsible for managing over 2,000 aircraft worldwide including narrow body, wide body and regional jets.

Donal trained as an aircraft engineer and has held licences and approvals on both Boeing and Airbus aircraft as well as holding the position of Chairman of the Dublin Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society.



Donal Lowry