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Market Insights – Airbus A321-200 Appraisal

Market Insights – Airbus A321-200 Appraisal

As the longest-fuselage member of Airbus’ single-aisle A320 family, the Airbus A321-200 has proved more successful than its Boeing rival in terms of the number of aircraft deliveries to date. 1,761 deliveries were recorded versus 913 for the 757-200 and the A321-200 has also managed to outpace the 737-900ER’s 505 deliveries as of 31st Oct 2020.  The A321-200’s level of performance versatility in both high density short haul and long haul operations, combined with a high and sustained level of e-commerce growth demand has created significant interest for the Airbus A321P2F as a desirable asset for both operators and lessors.

To discover more we invite you to read our recently published Airbus A321-200 appraisal by our CIO Amit Tyagi in the ISTAT Jet Trader Spring Edition. Read Here.

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