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North America Newsletter 23 March

North America Newsletter 23 March

American Airlines Announces Cargo-Only Flights to Help Keep Business Moving

American Airlines is utilizing its currently grounded passenger aircraft to move cargo between the United States and Europe. The first cargo-only flight departed from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) tomorrow, March 20, landing at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) on 21 March. The Boeing 777-300 will operate two round trips between DFW and FRA over the course of four days, carrying only cargo and necessary flight personnel. The 777-300 has 14 cargo positions for large pallets and can carry more than 100,000 pounds. The four scheduled flights this weekend are expected to be booked to capacity and transport medical supplies, mail for active U.S. military, telecommunications equipment and electronics that will support people working from home, and e-commerce packages. The flights provide much-needed cargo capacity for many of the airline’s regular cargo customers, allowing them to continue operating in this challenging environment.

Longview Aviation Capital Corp. Announces Temporary Suspension of Production

Longview Aviation Capital Corp., parent company of De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited and Viking Air Limited, today announced the immediate suspension of manufacturing operations for new production Dash 8-400 aircraft at De Havilland’s Downsview facility in Toronto, and new production Series 400 Twin Otter aircraft at Viking’s facilities in Victoria, BC and Calgary, Alberta.

Nolinor Aviation acquires Boeing 737-200 sims for new training centre

Nolinor Aviation will open its Boeing 737-200 simulator training centre in Mirabel, Quebe, this year, becoming the only one of its kind in North America. Nolinor Aviation has acquired two Boeing 737-200 simulators and will establish a training centre in Mirabel. After several months of negotiations with training centres in Florida and British Columbia, Nolinor has acquired two flight simulators to meet its current and future pilot training needs. Marjorie Lafrance, human resources manager at Nolinor, explains, “Under regulatory requirements, airline pilots require periodic simulator training to validate their qualifications. Without a flight simulator, airlines must conduct flight training, which is expensive and cannot simulate all situations that may occur in flight.”

United to operate 40 cargo-only PAX flights per week

United Airlines has joined a host of other carriers offering its passenger aircraft up for cargo charter flights. The airline said that it is flying a portion of our Boeing 777 and 787 fleet as dedicated cargo charter aircraft to transfer freight to and from US hubs, as well as key international business locations. The first of these freight-only flights departed on March 19 from Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) with the cargo hold completely full — carrying more than 29,000 lbs of goods. “Getting critical goods into the hands of the businesses and people who need them most is extremely important right now,” United said in a statement. “To support customers, employees and the global economy, we will initially operate a schedule of 40 cargo charters each week targeting international destinations and will continue to seek additional opportunities.

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