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Not with the times……my favourite watch-maker

Not with the times……my favourite watch-maker

Carl F.Bucherer- one of their adverts say it is for those ‘not with the times’, rather ahead of it.

A day back, before catching the flight at Zurich airport, I noticed a watches’ store, and I love watches [to look at them atleast 🙂 ]. So off I walk in hoping to feast my eyes on some classics and modern marvels of watch design. The store had a couple of customers, except one of them was not a customer at all, but an employee in CFB, passing through the airport like me. While I am still admiring the display, this gentelman introduces himself as an employee in CFB, and asks if I would like to know more. Of course I would!!

He describes the history of CFB, running as a third generation family business, and explain new technology innovations. There was this demo module in his bag, displaying the new movements designed by CFB. I took good advantage and asked more and more questions about all the models on display. All this while, I have noticed the prices, and I am sure, and I suspect he was sure that I was not going to buy anything. A good 10 minute understanding watches better, and I say thank you, without even asking his name. Whie walking out, I had this strange feeling of happiness, as if I actually bought that watch I was admiring.

I would call this the best (non)sales experience I have ever experienced, and surely – Carl F.Bucherer has a future customer for life. No learning needs to be defined, it was just customer service as an art form. Period.