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SPARTA.AERO Evolution in Asset Management

SPARTA.AERO Evolution in Asset Management

During the course of this week, Acumen will be posting a new update on SPARTA.AERO everyday, so watch this space if you want to know more.

Acumen is equipped to provide a complete single point lease management solution utilising, to the full, Acumen’s depth of sector knowledge.  To assist in its activity, Acumen has taken the initiative and successfully designed and forged a market leading and holistic eco system, SPARTA.AERO.  This is a cloud-based platform built to enable a seamless, connected, flexible and intuitive way of managing a vast array of data. SA Diagram (1)

Spanning the complete life cycle management of multiple assets, SPARTA.AERO delivers information in a clear and informative way within one secure environment.

“…Managing a vast array of data…”

This eco system links both data from and between each key asset management touch point, including aircraft induction, on-going asset management, contractual obligations and cash flow forecasting / modelling.

The eco system is powered by a unique combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and utilises natural language processes, deployed to assist in the making of informed decisions and predictions.  Data is pooled so as to present global insights through access to an integrated macro database.  The system includes robust search features which allows fast and seamless derivation of data and provides secure access, facilitated through a secure and encrypted SSL internet connection, available 24/7.



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