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Success versus stability… Can they coexist?

Success versus stability… Can they coexist?

For me, this is a million dollar question- quite literally!

Can success and stability coexist? The reason this is so much of a complication for me and fellow likeminded professionals is because of the several factors that make success so much of a coveted prize for us. Success, for us, is symbolized most prominently by chaos. But this chaos is not the “chaos-after-a-major-catastrophe” kind of chaos. This is the chaos that keeps us alert – to the opportunities that exist, the people that exist to identify such opportunities and the talents that these people bring to grab these opportunities and to contribute to the success.

But amidst all this, we have to always remind ourselves that the lack of this chaos may mean that we are achieving a phenomenon called stability. This “stable” period can be great as it denotes that we have been successful in quelling the initial worries and executed the plan well. But prolonged periods of this stability also mean that we are losing the foresight to identify more opportunities, thereby losing our edge.

In a nutshell, at Acumen, stability is only as far as it gives us the time to let our hair down, regroup our thoughts and start pumping air in the sails to push us ahead- AGAIN!!

Success versus stability... Can they coexist?