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The Acumen Aviation Story – what’s in it for us?

The Acumen Aviation Story – what’s in it for us?

Its a Thursday morning in June and we are already half way through 2015. The year started off like every other year before this – busy and exciting. But this Thursday morning was special…we all just got the official news – Acumen has a Beijing office now!!

That said a lot about the spirit of the company —- 04 offices in 03 continents in 06 years. If that is not growth. I do not know what is. But amongst all this, there was this feeling that not all team members who have been the contributors to this success were really giving enough credit to themselves for this achievement. Ever so often, there is also the thought – “so what’s so great …. we have another office in XYZ place… WHAT’S IN IT FOR US?”.

So, as part of this great team, we decided to have a quick presentation to remind ourselves of how we have got here (because it has been one hell of a ride!!) and what’s in it for us in the future. This presentation has every intention of celebrating the true spirit of Acumen Aviation – a delightful concoction of Culture, Opportunities and People – that will surely get anyone addicted.

Hope the presentation is worth a read and worth acting upon. Finally, a warm welcome to the Acumen staff in Beijing and many cheers to each of the awesome colleagues … you are what makes this company click!!

Download Microsoft PowerPoint – The Acumen Aviation Story – What’s in it for us (2)