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Thought Leadership: Middle of Market (MOM) Analysis

Thought Leadership: Middle of Market (MOM) Analysis

In the tenth of our Thought Leadership series Acumen Aviation Chief Technical Officer Amit Tyagi whom last month attended the ISTAT Americas conference in San Diego discusses his viewpoint of the Boeing MoM (Middle of Market) project.

Boeing MoM project (what ISTAT says):

  • The Middle of Market segment was an important topic being discussed at the ISTAT Americas with Airbus showcasing the A321 to be the answer to this segment.
  • Boeing did show significant indications that the Boeing 737 Max 10 product will be coming into the market and that they are focussed on getting that product through certification. tonal
  • However, at the other lessor and appraiser panels, the general view was that the A321 is a more suitable product in that segment.
  • There is a void created by the B757 phase out which is not being adequately addressed and the 190-280 seat segment is not being addressed by any of the current Boeing products.
  • The A321 is ideally the answer, at least for now.

Amit Tyagi said “There has not been any perfect solution to the middle of the market aircraft and it was discussed that there appears to be demand of 1200 Middle of the market aircraft which is good enough number for any manufacturer to consider it but so far neither Boeing nor Airbus has decided and they are relying on  A321 or 737 Max 10 although none of these are perfect replacement for the middle of market aircraft (B757/B767).”

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