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USA Aviation Industry Newsletter 28 June

USA Aviation Industry Newsletter 28 June

American Airlines to spend $6 million on 3-D bag scanners for airports

American Airlines is spending $6 million to improve carry-on bag screening at eight U.S. airports. The carrier is buying 3-D carry-on bag screeners and will deploy them at airports once the machines get fully certified by the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA is currently testing the CT scanners built by Massachusetts-based Analogic.

First Diamond DA62 with Garmin G1000 NXi Delivered in the U.S.

Diamond Aircraft has delivered the first DA62 diesel twin with the new Garmin G1000 NXi avionics system to a U.S. customer. LifeStyle Aviation, a Diamond dealer on the East Coast, announced the delivery to North Carolina businessman Mike Case, who said he decided to move up from older general aviation airplanes he’s owned to the latest diesel engine and Garmin avionics technology in the DA62.

German-based company to bring $12M aviation plant to US

German-based company is bringing a $12 million aviation-related plant to Auburn. The Winkelmann Group will begin production at its first United States production facility in the Auburn Industrial Park, the Opelika-Auburn News reported. The company expects to create approximately 50 jobs over the next five years.

New data shows US airlines collected over $1bn in baggage fees in Q1 2017

New data published by the US Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics has revealed that airlines have collected more than $1bn in baggage fees during the first quarter of 2017. The achievement marks the fourth consecutive quarter that baggage fees surpassed $1bn. In addition, the carriers have collected another $723m in reservation change or cancellation fees during the same period.

Qatar Airways eyes 10% of American Airlines

Qatar Airways is attempting to buy a 10% stake in American Airlines according to a securities filing. American Airlines said that the state-owned Qatari carrier had disclosed that it planned to buy at least $808m (£638m) in shares. Under US law, foreign ownership in airlines is restricted to 25%.

US bill would add consumer protection and allow privatisation of air-traffic control

A sweeping new US transportation bill would include added protections for customers who are “bumped” from their flights due to overbooking. USA Today reported that the 21st Century Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization Act, requires the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to establish compensation policies for bumped passengers and prohibits airlines from bumping travellers who have already been seated on aircraft.

US Expected To Cut Aviation Taxes As Part Of ATC Reform

The National Taxpayers Union (NTU) in the United States has welcomed plans to create a non-profit entity to manage air traffic control, noting it will enable a cut to the tax burden on aviation. Under plans announced last week, a new non-profit, non-governmental organization would become responsible for ATC functions from 2021, rather than the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The NTU said that this change will reduce aviation excise taxes, as excise tax collections currently exceed what is spent on aviation functions. The NTU explained that, with a non-profit organization responsible for ATC, aviation taxes can fall in line with expenditure.

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