Engine Management


Pre-purchase / Delivery

  • Desktop review (risk)
  • Life cycle analysis (exposure)
  • Records review
  • BSI oversight

Lease Management

  • Shop visit management
  • MR claim support
  • Desktop review
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Workscope review

Redelivery / Sale

  • Sale support
  • Records reviews
  • Inventory checks
  • BSI oversight
  • MPA run oversight

Maintenance Events

  • Workscope review
  • Table inspection (Onsite or Virtual)
  • Material assessment
  • Invoice review
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Reserve claim analysis

Develop & Review Scope of Work

  • Compare workscope with requirements
  • Calculate the level of repair required
  • Identify failures and assess the level of rectification required
  • LLP back to birth trace review
  • AD and SB assessment
  • Compare against future redelivery conditions

Claims Review & Negotiation

  • Carry out claim review
  • Assess in accordance with lease
  • Provide report of recommendation

Mediation & Arbitration Support

  • Clients are assured by Acumen’s capability when seeking expert support in resolving aero engine disputes.
  • Acumen deploys a unique combination of operational experience and its subject matter knowledge to support its clients in reaching resolution.

Strategic Lifecycle Analysis

  • Assess engine serviceability
  • Review life limited parts
  • AD & SB status
  • Compile gap assessment
  • Establish workscope history
  • Plot cash flow forecast
  • Calculate the next expected shop visit, and expected costings

Insurance Survey & Claim

  • Acumen will review each engine removal declared an insurance event, then work with the operator and insurance representatives to support your interest

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