Acumen Aviation Gains CAMO Approval for B737NG and A320 Family
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02 Oct 2017

Acumen Aviation Gains CAMO Approval for B737NG and A320 Family

Acumen Aviation, a leading asset management services company, is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) for its Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) for 737 NG series and A320 family CFM56/IAE powerplant series. Having successfully completed the approval process to become an EASA Part G Subpart and Part I Subpart Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation, this will retain the high standards our Customers have come to expect from the Acumen brand. James Flynn General Manager- Continuous Airworthiness at Acumen comments: “The CAMO shall provide a suite of airworthiness services to the industry such as the following.
  • Provision of Part M asset management for aircraft transitioning between lessees thereby retaining the continuity of airworthiness oversight.
  • Full CAMO style support for Operators in non-EASA countries.
  • Partial CAMO support to Operators in EASA countries.
  • Airworthiness Review issue and recommendations to the Competent Authority on behalf of the owners.
  • Aircraft maintenance programme development and review on behalf of the owners.
  • Shadow CAMO services for assets.
  • Aircraft technical status reporting.
  • Airworthiness Directive status reporting.
  • Modification/Repair status reporting.
  • Quality audit of MRO’s for asset owners.
  • Bridging AMP development.
  • Reliability monitoring.
  • Analysis of effectiveness of AMP’s
  • Back office support to other technical support entities.”
About Acumen AviationAcumen is a full-service aircraft asset manager with a global platform. Established in 2009 its headquarters is based in Ireland with offices in India, China and the USA. Acumen’s management team has over 300 years of cumulative experience with a permanent staff of over 60 people. Acumen offers a full range of services throughout the lifecycle of the aircraft including aircraft sourcing, pre-purchase inspections (physical and records), project management, lease management and re-marketing, fleet audits, aircraft trading and powerplant management. Its customers include Aircraft Lessors, Airlines, Banks, Private Equity and Investors. In 2015, Acumen had over 400 aircraft under varying forms of management. For more information please contact: Acumen Press Office: Europe                               Acumen Press Office: Asia Location: Dublin, Ireland                                      Location: Bangalore, India Phone: +353-1-6499051                                        Phone: +91-80-42673920