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15 May 2024




  • EC-ODJ Airbus A320-232 c/n 6115 Vueling Delivered to Barcelona 04/05/23 ex 9H-WBH.
  • N852SY Boeing 737-8M9 c/n 40910 Sun Country Airlines Delivered via Shannon 24/04/24 ex F-ONGA.
  • 2-NNOO Boeing 737-8U3 c/n 30142 DAE Capital Ferried to Amman 06/05/24 ex YI-BAW.


@STHGibbs Venezuela has three of the six Boeing 737-200s still in passenger service, mostly from the 1970s. That’s a lure for a niche group of “jetheads” who come to fly in them.

@Tnowack A new airline focusing on Africa is to be established in Saudi Arabia. @aleqtisadiah  hints - without mentioning a name - that there could be a connection to Saudi Gulf Airlines. This could be good news for Airbus.

@VerticalAero With one of the largest order books in the world, Vertical is currently set to produce 1,500 aircraft with a total value of $6bn. The VX4 will connect people and destinations globally. These cities are transforming urban mobility, and making it happen.

@winglets747 At Xiamen’s new Xiang'an airport, 54 hydraulics lifted into place the 11,393 tonne roof of HAECO’s new maintenance hangar. The eight hour process lifted the roof 27 metres up. It will become the world’s largest single-span aircraft maintenance hangar.









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