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15 Sep 2023


  • LX-LBK Boeing 737-8 c/n 64605 Luxair Delivered Ostrava-Luxembourg 05/09/23 ex EI-GFY.
  • TF-GAD Airbus A320-214 c/n 3439 MyAirline Delivered to Kuala Lumpur 04/09/23.
  • YU-ASD ATR72-212A(600) c/n 1159 Air Serbia Delivered Mönchengladbach-Belgrade 08/09/23 ex EI-FCZ.

  • @ByERussell The @airportscouncil's 2022 ranking of North American airports is out: Atlanta (unsurprisingly at 93.7mn pax) is the busiest, followed by Dallas-Fort Worth (73.4mn), Denver (69.3mn), Chicago O'Hare (68.3mn), and LAX (65.9mn) round out the top five.
  • @ByERussell .@united has purchased this plot of land near @DENAirport and less than a mile from a  @RideRTD  A Line station for future expansion. To be clear, this is miles from their existing training center at Stapleton.
  • @ByERussell Will Americans return to a more normalized balance of international and domestic travel next summer? "We’re not convinced that sunburns generated at the Acropolis this summer will force Americans to shelter in Yosemite next summer," writes JP Morgan's  @baker_never_y.
  • @ByERussell “The [open skies] agreement between the US and México just doesn’t allow one party to make sweeping changes that contradict what’s in the agreement” — as Mexico is doing in CDMX. Good run down from @crankyflier on the  US-Mexico air service situation.
  • @ByERussell The Lufthansa Group has 13 P&W GTF engines that are being recalled and need to be inspected by end-September. Spohr says the group can do this without operational disruption as it has spare aircraft to cover any extended ground time.

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