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04 Sep 2023



  • EI-FCZ ATR72-212A(600) c/n 1159 Air Serbia Ferried East Midlands-Mönchengladbach 27/08/23.
  • EI-HOD Airbus A320-272N c/n 11635 ITA Airways Delivered Toulouse-Rome Fiumicino 31/08/23.
  • EI-LDD Airbus A300F4-605R c/n 858 ASL Airlines Registered at Budapest 25/08/23 ex B-LDD.


  • @AirEVthingTRNSP ICMYI: Air China has signaled plans to take delivery of the jets for the first time in over four years: 12 in 2023 and 24 in 2024.
  • @CNBC Airlines can't add high-end seats fast enough as travelers treat themselves to first class.
  • @davidshepardson .@SecRaimondo told @CNBC it would be a good signal if Chinese airplanes took delivery of Boeing 737 MAX airplanes (There was no announcement of any agreement).
  • @jonostrower Boeing stories intersecting: B-20CA was supposed to be the first 737 Max delivery to China (since 2019) and as early as September 1. That’s not happening at the moment because of the aft pressure bulkhead repairs.
  • @miller22 The LATAM Group operates airlines in all their glory.  Note the LIM-LHR line.  First LATAM service in the market.



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