Flypaper- by Eoghan O
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07 Jun 2014

Flypaper- by Eoghan O'Driscoll

The opening introduction at Acumen's records seminar in April 2014, had this poem composed by Mr.Eoghan O'Driscoll, VP Technical, CIT Aerospace. Eoghan was also the moderator for the event.

                                                                                            Flypaper  Flypaper

These birds were made to fly, And we can keep them level and straight. But records cage the birds and try, to keep them on the ground and wait…   Dents and buckles and the odd hour, conspire to stress and strain - If only there was a way? To make that statement plain.   With DGCA’s and CAA’s and JAR’s both near and FAR. Inspectors who are very sure, opining from on-high. while we sit in hangars and despair This bird will never fly…   Will you paint the wings or not? your sales guy has promised, he did say, but really they look fine No! they are a different shade of grey!   Probing engines for a nick that forgotten box which was never ticked, the missing number of that batch, did we do that AD? where are the limits for that scratch?   Let us talk to the OEM, Surely they must know, after all the make the things and their knowledge is so great What! You want a quick decision, We need more time, please wait…   Surely this is easy, After all it’s not NASA. That’s where you’re wrong my friend It’s worse than that, its EASA!   Let’s sort the records people! and put them in a cloud We’ll soar above the paper boxes, and become an IT crowd By EOD
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