Irish Commercial Aircraft Update
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16 Jan 2023

Irish Commercial Aircraft Update

The information contained is sourced from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.

AIB Family Flights:

BOE Family Flights:

Chris Witt/Skyliner :
Dublin Movements Blog: :

EC-NYS ATR72-212A(500) c/n 785 Canary Fly Delivered Toulouse-Francazal-Las Palmas 18/11/22 ex 9H-AIT.

EI-FAW ATR72-212A(600) c/n 1122 Propius Ltd Ferried Monchengladbach-Exeter 30/11/22.

EI-HDM Airbus A320-232 c/n 7100 Goshawk Ferried Toulouse-Francazal-Keflavik 01/12/22 ex VT-TTK.

EI-RDN Embraer 175 c/n 17000347 Marathon Airlines Delivered Exeter-Athens 23/11/22 to become SX-MTO.

ET-AWF Boeing 737-8 c/n 62451 Ethiopian Airlines Delivered Paine Field-Shannon-Addis Ababa 24-25/11/22.

ET-AWG Boeing 737-8 c/n 62452 Ethiopian Airlines Delivered Paine Field-Shannon-Addis Ababa 27-29/11/22.

OY-YFJ DHC8-402 c/n 4324  Nordic Aviation Capital Ferried Billund-Malta 15/11/22 ex YL-BAX.

VQ-BGL Boeing 777-31H c/n 32708 AerCap Ferried Analtya-Addis Ababa 16/11/22 ex A6-EBF.

VQ-BZB Boeing 777-3Q8 c/n 35783 Azur Air Ferried Lourdes-Istanbul Sabiha 18/11/22 ex EI-WLA.

2-TSYW Boeing 737-85R c/n 36694 DAE Capital Ferried Hyderabad-Amman 25/11/22 ex V-TSYW.

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