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Acumen’s digital team consists of the necessary balance of talent, spanning the key areas of development, data science and IT engineering. Our product developers have hands-on experience in the latest technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence. These developers work alongside our data scientists; adept at interpreting client needs and identifying ways that data can be used to match them. They are also well versed in use of Coding Languages as well as Business Intelligence Tools to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

This expertise is bolstered further by our information technology engineers, providing the necessary compliment of hardware implementation and infrastructure management. This combination enables us to provide holistic seamless solutions, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Process Design & Automation

Process Design & Automation

Acumen’s digital team consists of aviation industry subject matter experts having a wealth of knowledge and expertise to accurately design the solutions best suited to your requirements. First-hand aviation asset management experience coupled with digital knowledge offers an unique blend of understanding and aids our ability to quickly grasp a comprehensive appreciation for the issues you wish to solve. It also provides necessary signposting regarding best practices and efficient process automation design that will help us in achieving the most cost effective and complete solution for you.

Our approach to the construction of a given solution will be sure to meet your process and organisation goals, while, at the same time paying close attention to the overarching framework in which it sits. This includes a sound and fundamental understanding of the environment in which the solution is to be deployed; how to achieve process efficiencies while managing data volume; accuracy of delivery; curation; analysis, and results in order to achieve maximum return on investment.

Project Management

Project Management

Benefiting from Acumen’s heritage, combining a background of more than a decade providing project management as a stand-alone service to some of the sector’s largest leasing giants and with an in-depth knowledge of the aviation sector, you will be given comprehensive oversight of the project. Our digital team is adept at delivering both simple and complex solutions both on time and on budget and will be sure to keep you appraised every step of the way. Our confidence in the team’s abilities stems from their contributions to our operational success over the years. The sound processes and efficiencies that are a direct result of many successful projects as well as application of lessons learnt from these projects. We are confident this knowledge and experience can benefit our clients as well.

Change Management

Change Management

Acumen has a proven history in expanding its service offerings every couple of years to deliver end to end value to its customers. The sheer spectrum of services, geo-locations and capabilities bears testimony to the nimble and adaptive organisational change that Acumen is able to skillfully deploy. Our leadership team is equipped with many years of change management and thought leadership experience to help customers in scripting their own success stories.

Why is now the right time to engage us?

  • The global need to digitize and automate: With the overall political, social and economical factors driving companies to rethink business strategies, the common denominator is the need for digitalization and automation of company core processes.
  • Avoid unwanted distractions: We can assist by providing the necessary skill, knowledge and know-how to build the solution you need, affording you precious time to remain focused on your company’s core objectives without distraction.
  • Significantly increase your chances for success: Technology and digital product development are some of our core competencies. Outsourcing to a specialist, whose unique combination of sector knowledge coupled with new technology architecture and deployment will avoid high costs attributed to poor design and execution decisions as a result of subject matter misunderstandings and misinterpretations.
  • Benefit from the latest technology: We enable you to stay focused on the core business model while benefitting from improved processes, technology and automation.

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What will you gain from Acumen's digital success advisory?

  • High quality advisory for appropriate selection of technology, product and process
  • Detailed evaluation of the business processes and presented tailored solutions to deliver better results in identified key result areas
  • Professional end to end deployment of selected technology, products and processes
  • Realize higher Speed-to-Value and maturity of product life cycle

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