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Aircraft Record

Your records hold the value of your assets and we have developed multiple support services to assist clients in managing the high volume of data generated through an assets life. To carry this out effectively requires a blend of artificial and human intelligence. Acumen has the necessary winning combination of knowledge and latest, most advanced technologies to help you stay on track.

  • Deploying Latest Technologies
  • Applying Technical Knowledge and Understanding


Asset Integration


Management Projects


Aircraft Supported

*Including business sourced directly by Acumen and indirectly through the activity of members of the Acumen management team.

Maintaining Asset Value, Deploying the Latest Processes and Techniques

Records Lifecycle

Records' lifecycle management

Technical Review

Technical review (back-to-birth and GAP reporting)

Aircraft Records Digitization

Records digitisation & indexing

Records Lifecycle

Centralised records collection

Records Review

Records inventory listing

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