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Aircraft Source, Trading and Remarketing

Your aircraft sourcing and marketing needs are our business. Acumen has an industry wide network made up of many lessors and aircraft operators. Our extensive reach enables us to provide a diverse range of solutions to meet your specific requirements and within an optimal timeframe which matches your budgetary position.

  • Applying Technical Knowledge and Understanding
  • Evaluating, Using In-house Certified Appraisers

Image Trading and Re-marketing Services

Providing a wealth of sector knowledge and a fundamental understanding of the asset class.

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Assets Appraised


Asset Under Management


Management Projects


Fleet MR Review

US$ 4bn*

 OEM Orders

US$ 2.5bn* 

Portfolio Transactions


ABS Transactions

*Including business sourced directly by Acumen and indirectly through the activity of members of the Acumen management team.

Keeping Vigilant, Measuring Market Trends and
Mitigating Risk

Acumen’s technical pedigree has been gained through many years direct exposure, managing multiples of aircraft on behalf of some of the world’s largest lessors, financial institutions and lease managers. Acumen has an intrinsic knowledge and fundamental understanding of the asset class. This provides our clients with an assurance that opportunities will be sought, and that Acumen will actively measure, manage and mitigate associated risk and proactively support the client in fulfilling its mandate.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

  • Deal evaluation
  • Technical review
  • Structures / SPV Set-up
  • Intelligence report
  • Documentation


  • Technical assistance
  • Commercial support
  • Risk management
  • Onboarding


  • Options identification
  • Project management
  • Documentation support
  • Negotiations
  • Technical assistance
  • Field support
  • Valuation / appraisal

Transition / Disposal

  • Value optimisation
  • Documentation support
  • Negotiations
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