Team Member


Ameya Gore

Chief Technical Officer - Digital


Ameya joined Acumen in 2009 and, as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) – Digital, he is responsible for the continued successful development of Acumen’s digital business offering, both in terms of available products and services. Ameya has adeptly used the knowledge and experience he has gained throughout his time with Acumen to inform key decisions he and his team have needed to take in order to grow Acumen’s digital footprint.

In response to Acumen’s continued growth, and the fact that the level of digital activities continues to accelerate, Ameya provides the necessary dedicated leadership, focus and strategic direction to the digital business, making sure that Acumen is found ready, able and willing to meet the anticipated future digital demands made on it by the sector.

Ameya has, within his considerable tenure with Acumen, held senior positions within various departments, including technical & asset management and data management. In addition, Ameya is an ISTAT certified senior appraiser and supports the valuation team on critical assignments.

Ameya holds an BSc; an MBA in aerospace and aviation, and certificates in general and product management, awarded by the IIMB and Duke Corporate Education, respectively, and a Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate.