Flightpath with Alok, Season 01 - Donal Lowry & Ian Clark, Acumen Board Members

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  • 20 December 2023
  • Alok Anand

In episode 9 of Flightpath with Alok. Alok, whilst briefly back in India, holds an informal and informative tri-channel interview, with fellow Acumen board members Donal Lowry sitting in Ireland and Ian Clark in the UK.


Donal has over 40 years’ aviation experience, having previously held Chief Technical Officer (CTO) / Senior Advisor roles with blue chip leasing companies, including Orix Aviation Systems, DAE Capital and Elix Aviation Capital, where he was instrumental in shaping optimized asset management procedures. Ian is an aviation executive with a wealth of experience, spanning more than 37 years within the sector. Most recently Ian held the position of CTO at Avolon, a leading global aircraft leasing company, and has also held multiple senior management positions with a number of UK based airlines.


Donal and Ian reveal how, as young men, they each were introduced to the world of aviation; they examine the state of the world of aircraft leasing today; discuss some of the opportunities and challenges the sector faces, whilst also highlighting the human factor, the connectedness and the lasting bonds that form between people in the industry. If you are wondering whether a career in aviation is for you, and in particular if aircraft leasing will provide you with the opportunities you seek, then this episode is certainly worth a listen.