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13 Sep 2023


  • OE-IEJ Airbus A320-251N c/n 9542 AerCap Registered at Jakarta 04/09/23 ex VT-WJX.
  • OE-IGS Airbus A320-251N c/n 9597 AerCap Registered at Jakarta 04/09/23 ex VT-WJZ.
  • VP-CRP Airbus A330-343 c/n 1037 Aergo Capital Ferried Bangkok-Naples 06/09/23 ex HS-TEQ.

  • @airlinewriter Cowen is cutting its forecast of $AAL earnings the rest of this year and through 2024. Analysts say @AmericanAir's newly ratified pilot contract adds about $1 billion in costs to match a pending contract for @united pilots.
  • @airlinewriter Delta says all active mainline planes now have radio altimeters that are protected against interference from 5G wireless service. In late June, @Delta had 190 planes that weren't 5G-compliant, a potential problem during low visibility.
  • @AirlineFlyer United has filed its first A321neo flight in the OAG schedule, or is just testing before filing a full schedule. I see one (1) A321neo flight on July 21 2024, operating ORD-FLL. The config is 20 sets in First, 180 across Economy Plus and Economy.
  • @ByERussell Qantas' A350 and 787 order signals what we've known for a while about aircraft demand: Airlines want smaller, more flexible long-range planes, rather than superjumbos like the A380 that only suit the largest markets.
  • @LuxuryTravelled EasyJet has also noted that their mitigation plan at Gatwick, but strategically canceling flights in July/August, and September, has resulted in a 85% reduction in cancellations.  They are looking at order positions for aircraft, hints at larger aircraft.

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